You don't choose the fandom
the fandom chooses you


Minka ships them okay


To my understanding LPS has higher viewing figures among little kids than MLP does. I only bring this up to say that I’m really really happy that said kids are being exposed to messages like the above when watching this show (though MLP does have good messages too).

And let’s not forget that LPS has also had it’s share of “There’s no one way to be a boy.” type messages as well (i.e. when Zoe and the male characters played that princess board game, when Russell won a beauty contest & was moved to tears of happiness over it, etc.)

I fucking love this show.



色着けたのに出す場所なくなってたやつ せっかくなのでここに


Insert a coin and choose your player.


yo yo yo let it go


yo yo yo let it go


i think the number one thing i’ve noticed while reading One Piece so far is

just how fucking unsettling Luffy’s stare is. like.


goddamn rubber kid starin your ass down for 5 minutes without blinking like

dammit kid you’re creepin me out go away


death noot

Since I’m feelin’ a lil better, I should actually catch up gemsona week.. But I’m lacking of good ideas and tomorrow is the last day. Besides, all I can make without computer are crappy sketches…



Ethiopian opal geode

That’s an egg.

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