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that’s fair though.



Have a bunch of space cowboy doodles. I apologize beforehand for icky colors.

My Human Wander is basically what you get when you put Jack McBrayer in all his chinless glory, Wander’s hairy spoon design, a dash of The Two Man Gentleman Band’s pre war inspired fashion, and The Man with No Name’s poncho into a blender and vomited onto a canvas. 

And the reason why middle Wander is suddenly left handed is because I’m so used to drawing Muppets playing instruments left handed and now I’m stuck with drawing left handed instruments on default. Feel free to laugh at me.


Switchin’ body shapes

Another concept sketch of Moonstone (glasses are missing in this one)

#108 - Moonstone
Fusion of: Zircon and Iolite
Gem Type: Moonstone
Weapon(s): Blowgun
Skills/Powers: Quick reflexes and incredible aim. She is light on her feet and has great eyesight.
Personality: Moonstone looks before she leaps. She’s the strong, silent type and a focused leader, but she’s also very good-natured. 
Other Notes: Her glasses are used for improving aim rather than improving normal vision.

one edit per chapter: Chapter 41 - To the Sea 

one edit per chapter: Chapter 41 - To the Sea 


So I love finding pictures of the cast together like this. Took some creative liberties with positions and actions and based it more on their characters’ personalities instead. 


Teen Titans Redraw! I added Starfire in because Hynden Walch is hard to find in group photos. Mumbo is in the picture because Tom Kenny is such a big part of any childhood and I didn’t feel right just cutting him out. 

But could you imagine the Titans just taking this photo? Waiting for the cops to come pick Mumbo up, they decide to blatantly just take a picture with him in it. I know there’s tons of stuff that’s terrible with the picture but I’m too tired to care at the moment. 

The Biskit twins are really funny and entertaining when they’re at their best

and I feel like they’re at their best when they embarrass themselves trying to one up Blythe and being as ridiculous and unreasonable as possible. They’re supposed to be the antagonists to Blythe, but I feel like when they do things that are more typically antagonistic (theft, vandalism, practicing dirty politics, dressing up like big foot to scare  small animals) it kinda just falls flat. We even see in some eps, like “Penny For Your Laughs” and “Door-Jammed” that they can get along with Blythe in their own weird, Biskitty way. (they even get along with Blythe’s dad)  In “Bakers and Fakers”, they did try the easy way out for extra credit by stealing Youngmee’s cake recipe, but they tried (and failed) to put their heads together and create something original when it didn’t work out. I’m not saying they need to be besties with Blythe, but it’s more interesting fun to see them doing something besides trying to make Blythe miserable. 

I guess I just want more of this

and not so much this

(images from petsponyandbacon)

Sorry for plugging up this post with dumb ranty trash, I just felt like posting some thoughts. I’ll probably move the text later.


It’s almost Easter.

Time for Buttercream.


my sunil toy has a tiny bow on his ear 

Raph & Mikey! 


gosh i done did the thinngg

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